Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Bestsellers Available


Tick Tock by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge. The New York detective Michael Bennett enlists the help of a former colleague to solve a rash of horrifying crimes that are throwing the city into chaos.

The Inner Circle by Brad Meltzer. An archivist discovers a book that once belonged to George Washington and conceals a deadly secret.

Fatal Error by J A Jance. After the murder of a cyber socialpath, Ali Reynolds is drawn into a web of online intrigue.

Strategic Moves by Stuart Woods. In the 19th Stone Barrington novel, the New York lawyer works with the CIA to transport a fugitive.

The Confession by John Grisham. A criminal wants to save an innocent man on death row, but he must convince the authorities he's telling the truth.

The Sentry by Robert Crais. The former cop Joe Pike finds that a pair of Katrina refugees he helps aren't all they seem.

What the Night Knows by Dean Koontz. Someone is murdering entire families, recreating in detail a crime spree that took place two decades earlier.

The Red Garden by Alice Hoffman. A mysterious garden offers the key to understanding a small Massachusetts town through 300 years of passionate history.

The Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown. Three sisters from a highbrow family return home, each with a secret she's unwilling to share.

Though Not Dead by Dana Stabenow. The Alaskan investigator Kate Shugak becomes embroiled in a deadly treasure hunt involving her own family's secrets.


Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand. An Olympic runner's story of survival as a prisoner of the Japenese in World War II.

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