Wednesday, November 24, 2010

November's New Books

There is a section in the Library called New Books, where we put new books when they arrive. They usually stay there for a few months before being shelved in their appropriate place. This section is a favorite place for many of our patrons. But in case you haven't been here in a while, here are some of the new arrivals in November.

  • THE CONFESSION by John Grisham. A man who committed a despicable crime but allowed another to be sent to death row in his place now wants to admit his guilt, but he must convince the authorities he’s telling the truth.
  • TOWERS OF MIDNIGHT by Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson. Book 13 of the Wheel of Time fantasy series.
  • INDULGENCE IN DEATH by J D Robb (Nora Roberts, writing pseudonymously). Lt Eve Dallas tangles with what she fears is a thrill killer.
  • AMERICAN ASSASSIN by Vince Flynn. In the wake of the Lockerbie bombing, Mitch Rapp takes on his first antiterrorist assignment.
  • WORTH DYING FOR by Lee Child. Jack Reacher can’t let go of a decades-old case of a missing child.
  • FALL OF GIANTS by Ken Follett. Five interrelated families from five countries are caught in the upheavals of World War I and the Russian Revolution.
  • IN THE COMPANY OF OTHERS by Jan Karon. In Ireland, the Episcopal priest Tim Kavanagh finds an old journal that could solve a crime.
  • SQUIRREL SEEKS CHIPMUNK by David Sedaris. The humorist looks at human nature through stories with animals as characters.
  • SAFE HAVEN by Nicholas Sparks. The arrival of a mysterious young woman in a small North Carolina town raises questions about her past.
  • SIDE JOBS by Jim Butcher. A collection of stories about the Chicago wizard Harry Dresden.
  • EDGE by Jeffery Deaver. When a Washington DC police detective and his family become the target of a professional torturer, a federal agent is sent to protect them.
  • FREEDOM by Jonathan Franzen. Examines every major theme of American life - politics, class, work, culture and sex - through the lens of one stubborn, fascinating, wholly believable family.
  • EARTH (THE BOOK) by Jon Stewart & others. A visitor’s guide to the human race presented by "The Daily Show."
  • THE LAST BOY by Jane Leavy. A biography of the Yankees star Mickey Mantle, who grappled with a wrenching childhood and physical injuries.
  • PINHEADS AND PATRIOTS by Bill O'Reilly. The Fox News commentator scrutinizes the meaning of change in the era of Obama.
  • AT HOME by Bill Bryson. The evolution of private life as exemplified by the houses we live in.
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