Thursday, November 18, 2010

Christmas Tour of Homes 2010

Christmas in Natchez is becoming a very special time, with so many activities, so many events competing for our time. The Friends of the Library Annual Christmas Home Tour on Sunday, December 5, 2-5 pm is special among these community events. Not only is it an opportunity to celebrate the great homes of Natchez, but it is a chance to show your support for your Library. It is particularly meaningful this year since so many people have inquired as to how they can support the Library during our budget crunch. Well, this is one great way - participating in the Friends' largest fundraising event of the year. The homes selected are not on other tours and present a special opportunity to see real Natchez homes all decorated for the holidays. The four homes featured this year are each outstanding in their own way:

(The Stockton House)
307 North Wall Street
Home of Margaret Perkins and Rene Adams

This Greek Revival home on the corner of Wall and Jefferson Streets was once the home of  the widow Ann Stockton and may have been built by Nathaniel Carpenter, the patriarch of the Carpenter family.

(formerly King's Daughter's Home)
32 Cemetery Road
Home of Renee and Kenny Cavin

This spacious home provides a magnificent view of the river from the bluffs at 32 Cemetery Road. Built in 1911, it was originally used as a home for unwed mothers. The extensive renovation was completed in 2008.

205 North Commerce Street
Home of Cappy and Judy Stahlman

This antebellum building on Franklin Street suffered extensive damage in the storm of 1998 but has been rehabilitated into apartments, commercial space, and a luxurious condominium with an entrance on Commerce.

411 North Commerce Street
Home of Dr Linda Wilbourn

This 1880's home exhibits typical Italianate features. It has been totally renovated, including restoration of the full width gallery, and expanded. It is also this year's refreshment center.

TICKETS for this year's Friends of the Library Christmas Tour of Homes are currently on sale at the Library and Natchez Pilgrimage Tours, and may also be purchased at any of the homes on the day of the event.. Tour all four homes for only $15, or purchase two tickets for $25.

For over ten years, the Friends of the Armstrong Library have worked tirelessly to provide a unique experience for those touring these fascinating homes. We appreciate those opening their homes, the Friends members and Board, and all who purchase tickets and participate.

Hope to see you on Sunday, December 5, 2 - 5 pm!


  1. Thanks, Casey, for all you do to help the Friends help the Library. This tour is going to be great
    Maria Bowser
    President of Friends

  2. Thank you, but this post was by our Assistant Director.