Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Water Your Mind - Grownup Summer Fun

Why should kids have all the fun making a splash at the Library this summer? We have some things in mind that should give grownups that great feeling of summer vacation reading.

Scrapbooking Group

If you've been curious about scrapbooking or even are a long time scrapbooker, join us on Saturday mornings from 10 am -12 noon for our summer scrapbooking group. If you're working on a project, bring it along. The Library also has some helpful books on scrapbooking and card making.

Book give-away

We're giving away some nice hardback new releases this summer as a reward for grownups reading. For each book read, enter a slip into a weekly drawing. We'll give away two books each week through July 15.

Book Review bulletin board

If you've recently read something you thought was particularly wonderful, we'd love to have you write a short review to post on our Water Your Mind bulletin board. Take a few minutes and read some of the reviews - you might discover a new author to love.

Have suggestions for other fun activities? Would you like to form a discussion group for mystery lovers? How about a rose growers group? Questions? Call your Library at 601 445 8862.