Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Have You Met Leonard?

Leonard Lucas is our new summer employee. He comes to us courtesy of the Summer Youth Work Experience Program, an arm of the WIN Job Center.
If you've been in the Library since he started, then you probably know him. He's so outgoing and friendly. In fact we think he has a future as a stand up comedian. But his plans are quite different. He's majoring in software engineering and is a real computer wizard. And he said he's taught himself most of what he knows, since his high school didn't offer computer courses.
Leonard is a Natchez native and graduated from Cathedral in 2008. He then left for Mississippi State. Unfortunately, he got quite sick during his freshman year and had to come home. He's been attending CoLin since then but plans to return to Mississippi State in the spring.
When asked what he likes about working in the Library, he said he enjoys meeting all the people who come in here. And he said he loves the food. Food?? Apparently, several of the women are mothering him and bring in dishes for him to try. But what he really likes best is talking to Patrick, our IT guy. When those two get to talking, it sounds like they're speaking a foreign language.
If you see him, you'll not be surprised that he was a basketball player in high school and still plays for fun. He said he was inspired by Michael Jordan. He's a bit of a health nut and likes to stay in shape and eat right.
But his absolute favorite pastime is designing video games - and he plans to do it professionally. One day maybe he'll be rich and famous. Hope he remembers his friends from the Library.
Whatever he chooses to do with his life, he'll be a success - and the Library is so glad we got to enjoy him this summer.

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