Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Attention All Library Criminals

Are you a library criminal? You are if you didn't return a library book, and you haven't been back in the library because you're afraid the fines are too high. Or if you have library books lying around your house that you never got around to returning.

Now's your big chance. We're offering unconditional amnesty for you. Any items returned between October 7 - 10 will be fine free! It doesn't matter when you checked them out - even if the book says it belongs to the Fiske Library (which was closed in 1967.)

Don't forget that your Library will be closed October 1 - 6, while our new automation system is installed. What's an automation system, you say? It's the computer software that keeps track of all our books and our patrons. If you check out a book today, it automatically figures out how long you can keep it and prints a receipt for you. If you're late returning that book, it sends you nice little reminders, and keeps track of your fines. It figures out how long you can stay on a library computer (so everyone has a chance to use it) and knows how much money you have in your account for printing. The software is very clever and costs bunches of money and will take several days to be installed. You'll get to see it at work after October 6, when you use our catalog in the Library or online from our website.

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  1. We hope to be seeing a lot of missing "friends" - that is, overdue items, October 7-10. The new cataloging system will provide better and faster service to our patrons.