Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It's Reading Fair Time

The Mississippi Department of Education has announced their 12th Annual Reading Fair, and students all across the state are now working on their Reading Fair Projects. Local winners will be chosen in all the categories - and they may go on to District, Regional, and State level competitions.

It is important to remember that parental involvement in a child’s education can be a valuable part of student development. While completing a project together can be an enjoyable task for students and their parents or other adults, please remember, projects should be completed by the student. You do your children no favor by doing their work for them. The purpose of the Reading Fair is to develop reading skills and creativity in the children. Learning is more important than winning - and should be its own reward.

In helping your child pick a book. be sure to bring them to see us. What better place to get help than your public library! We have lots of fiction and nonfiction books in all age categories, and our librarians can help children to pick one that will be right for them.

For details and more information on the Reading Fair, go to the Mississippi Department of Education website or check with your children's school.

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