Friday, July 30, 2010

Help with School Work Online

It's that time again. Everybody is busy with back to school shopping, retraining the alarm clock to wake you up at 6 am, and dreading all the research papers that will be due all too soon.

Never fear! The Armstrong Library has been working all summer on building up our collection, so we can better help this year's students with their homework and research. Here are some helpful online resources for all students from elementary to college level.

Learning Express Library is an interactive online learning platform featuring over 770 practice tests, tutorials, and ebooks related to job search and workplace skills improvement, career certification and licensing exam preparation, college entrance and graduate school admissions exam preparation, GED exam preparation, and basic skills improvement in reading, writing, and math, for all ages. You'll get immediate scoring, complete answer explanations, and an individualized analysis of your results.

World Book Online is the premier online reference source, with thousands of articles, state of the art multimedia, editor reviewed Web sites, periodical content, and more. Plus, there are more than 1.3 million pages of primary source documents – books, documents, selections – fully integrated with the encyclopedia content. Research and teaching tools include timelines, citation builder, and saved research.

MAGNOLIA, provided courtesy of the Mississippi State Legislature, is the most extensive online research tool. Close to a hundred different databases can be searched for reliable information. It includes searches in magazines, newspapers, journals, business information, biographies, literary criticism, and much more.

New Online Reference Resources.This past summer we purchased new printed reference materials from Salem Press, which includes online access. So you have a choice of print or online.

All these online resources are currently available to our patrons and can be accessed using Library computers or on your home computer. (You need to call the Library first regarding how to do this from home.) Let us help you or your student make this a successful school year! We will be presenting an informational talk and demonstration on how to use our online resources this fall. Details coming soon.

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