Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Librarians Take on Legislators!

Teen Librarian Marianne Raley &
Director Susan Cassagne
Last Wednesday a group of Mississippi librarians spent the day at the State Capitol building in Jackson to show our legislators the importance of public libraries to their communities and the need to keep our funding so as to continue to provide services that are much needed and used . 
Arriving at 8 am armed with banners, book marks, brochures and eye catching displays, we settled in the rotunda and waited for our local representatives to arrive. It was interesting to walk about and see what other libraries are doing in their community. There was a little of everything - from computer 101 classes to partnerships with local agencies such as WIN Job Service for those communities that are out in rural areas and cannot get to the center. One library provides a video phone for the hearing impaired so they can better communicate with distant family members.
Ms Magnolia

Ms Magnolia (AKA the Director of the First Regional Library System) strolled about the rotunda in a beautiful green gown and crown of magnolias while telling our state leaders about the great databases MAGNOLIA provides for our students, teachers and parents. The Mississippi Library Commission touted the Learn a Test online learning center.

Stress Books
The Armstrong Library displayed our newest pride and joy, the Teen Zone. We were a big hit as most legislators were pleased to see services being provided for our neighborhood youth. When trying to get a lawmaker to remember an organization they usually receive a pencil or pen with the name and or logo on it. Well, we went one step further and passed out a stress ball shaped like books with the Teen Zone and website imprinted on them. I don't doubt a few of those stress books were flying across the tables during committee meetings.

Capitol Rotunda

By the way, if you have not seen the State Capital building before, I suggest you do. It was my first time visiting and I was so impressed with the achitecture, woodwork, marble flooring, and beautiful stained glass windows. It was inspiring to be in the same place were laws are created or defeated.

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