Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tour of Homes Preview: Callon House

The Friends of the Library annual Christmas Tour of Homes is Sunday, December 4, 2 - 5 pm. Admission is $15 for one ticket or $25 for two tickets. Tickets may be purchased at the Armstrong Library, Natchez Pilgrimage Tours, or at any of the homes the day of the event. You can tour four beautiful homes in any order and have refreshments at Stratton Chapel. This is a preview of one of the homes. Others homes will be previewed in later posts.

Callon House
400 South Pearl Street
Home of Katherine & Lindsey Callon

This Greek Revival cottage was built for Thomas and Elizabeth Mackin. The construction and cost are documented in an 1852 lawsuit. A deposition filed by the Mackins states they built a "Dwelling House" valued at $3,000 and "Fencing & Out Houses" valued at $1,000, after buying the property at a sheriff's sale in 1841. Andrew Brown Sawmill Papers record sales of building materials, including a large amount of interior plastering lath, indicating that the house was completed in 1843.

The 1850 census shows both Thomas and Elizabeth were born in Ireland. The quality of Mackin's house indicates that he was probably a levee contractor who boarded his levee workers on the property. Levee building was a common profession for Irish immigrants in river towns.

In 1858, the Mackin’s sold their residence to Ansel H Kendrick for $3,200 who sold to Cade L Holden in 1877, and it remained in the family until 1901. It was last the property of Eulalie Holden Reed and husband Richard F Reed, who published the pamphlet, The Natchez country; from the settlement by the French to the admission of Mississippi as a state.

The house sold frequently until Lindsey and Katherine Callon bought the house in 2009 and created the attractive historic cottage. Its restrained Grecian simplicity features a simple portico sheltering the doorway set within sidelights and transom. Well detailed dormers light the upper half story. An original two room dependency was later relocated to the rear of Pleasant Hill.

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