Thursday, May 31, 2012

This Summer, Teens Own The Night

The theme for this years teen summer library program is Own the Night, and the Armstrong Library Teen Zone is getting ready to provide local area teens with fun and educational programming.  Programs will be held in the Teen Zone on Tuesdays starting June 19 and running through July 10 from 3:00 - 4:30 pm.  We will have book discussions, guest speakers, games, and snacks.  Teens can read and compete for prizes and coupons from local fast food restaurants.  Local area teens in grades 7 - 12 are invited to come in and sign up, with their registration they will receive a cool Teen Zone backpack, glow in the dark key chain, and iron tee shirt transfers. So come join the fun.

June 19: Dream the Night Away! Discover what your dreams mean and create your own Dream Journals.

June 26: Dare to Dream Big! A special guest from the Institute of Higher Learning is coming to talk about preparing for a college education. It's never too early to start.

July 3: Crime and Death! Learn about epitaphs, tombstones, and mummify a hot dog! Test your detective skills with the Minute Mystery Challenge.

July 10: What Goes on in the Nighttime? Crafts and critters will abound in the Teen Zone as teens create their own star charts and make Glow Jars filled with stars. Our special guests will slither and fly their way into the Teen Zone to talk about living the nocturnal life.

For more information, check out the Teen Zone on our website or facebook page.

Summer is the one time a librarian can get kids to read "for fun"! Put down the AR book and pick a book for the shear pleasure of reading a good story. This year I challenge local teens to step out of their comfort zone and read something different, try something new...

Dare to Own the Night!

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