Friday, July 20, 2012

Thank One, Thank All!

This years annual Summer Library Program proved to be a blast! All thanks to, well, me of course!! But no, seriously, it all had to do with many wonderful volunteers and special guest speakers from in and around our community!

At first, I was ovewhelmed with all that I (thought) I had to do. All of the phone calls to persons of interest whom I thought would fit perfectly into this years Dream Big-READ! theme. Then days of waiting to hear back from them, and the disappointment that came with being turned down more times than I can count! I just about wanted to throw in the towel (or go run and hide until the whole thing was over - no one could blame me then, right?) But, a miracle happened just weeks before the program kickoff. Volunteers started to appear out of thin air!

My supervisor, Marianne Raley, had planned programs with two wonderful ladies, Kay McNeil and Terri Haynes, from Historic Jefferson College and Grand Village of the Natchez Indians, respectively. She asked me if I'd be interested in having them do a Nocturnal Animal program for me also. Well, of course I would! I emailed them as fast as my fingers would allow and got responses back within minutes; both said YES!

Marianne had also tried to nab Meg Kassabaum, an Anthropology and Archeology PhD student from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Meg was here on a dig assignment over at what was believed to be an Indian burial site in Church Hill. Unfortunately for Marianne, Meg was unavailable on the day of her program. Call me a lucky ducky and watch me dance because guess what? Meg was available for my last open program day!

Natalie Nobel, an Alcorn State alumni and employee called to ask if we had any time available for her program College Knowledge Project. I jumped right on that train! What better way to Dream Big than to dream of a bright future? At least, that's how I took it.

Last, but not at all least, we had return guests of honor from our local arts gallery, ArtsNatchez Inc. They took care of every Tuesday morning program for the preschoolers - and they were fantastic. Hats off to them!!

I'd also like to extend a warm hand of welcome to the parent and high school volunteers. Thank all of you for making this summer a summer to remember!

Go to our website to read all about it and see pictures.

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