Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Do You love Animals - and Mysteries?

These mysteries are unique in their portrayal of four-legged animal detectives that help their human friends solve crimes. Here is a list of authors with their series' names and a list of main characters, to get you started on your own animals adventures. All these books are available at your Library.

Marian Babson

In Nine Lives to Murder, Winstanley Fortescue, a Shakespearean actor, pairs up with theater cat Montmorency D Mousa "Monty" in a humorous journey to solve a theater murder.

Carol Lea Benjamin

Divorced, Jewish private investigator Rachel Alexander is an ex dog trainer who investigates suspicious circumstances in the Rachel Alexander and Dash Mystery Series.

Laurien Berenson

The Melanie Travis Mystery Series stars Melanie as the infectiously upbeat protagonist. A special education teacher and a mother of a 4 year old, she solves mysteries in the world of dog showing with the help of dog breeders Margaret "Aunt Peg" Turnbull, a 50-ish widower, and software designer Sam Driver.

Rita Mae Brown

The Mrs Murphy Series stars Mary Minor "Harry" Harristeen, the human who untangles crimes with the help of Mrs Murphy, a female gray tiger cat, and Tee Tucker, a female Welsh corgi, in the town of Crozet, Virginia.

Lilian Jackson Braun

The novels in the Cat Who...Series all star Jim "Quill" Quilleran, a philanthropist and ex war correspondent in his 50's, who lives in Pickax City in the Midwest US. He solves mysteries aided by Koko and Yum Yum, two Siamese cats who are smarter than any humans, and his girlfriend, Polly the Librarian.

Susan Conant

Holly Winter is a dog trainer and columnist who investigates crimes aided by her two malamutes, Rowdy and Kimi. Conant's Holly Winter Mystery Series is set in New England.

Carole Nelson Douglas

Midnight Louie is a black tomcat and the star of the Midnight Louie Series. Aided by his investigative partner, redheaded publicist Temple Barr, Louie solves mysteries with Temple and her ex boyfriend, Magician Max Kinsela, and ex priest and hotline counselor Matt Devine.

Dick Francis

Horse racing figures prominently in Francis Horseracing Mystery Series! The main characters change in each book, but all are involved in some way with horse racing in Great Britain.

Shirley Rousseau Murphy

Tomcat Joe Grey and sidekick, Dulcie the library cat, are a feline detecting duo that hide their power of human speech from their owners, auto mechanic Clyde Damer and librarian Wilma Katz, in the Joe Grey Series of books.

William Murray

Called the American Dick Francis, Murray mysteries are based on horse racing and include wry narration, neat plotting, and colorful characters. They feature horseplayer Shifty Lou Anderson and illustrate Murray's love of horses and the beauty of horse racing.

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