Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Love Your Library!

April 12-18th is National Library Week, being celebrated for the fifty-first time this year. Instead of just observing it as a typical gee-aren’t–libraries-swell yearly event, let’s take this opportunity to take a fresh look at your community Library.

What does having a strong community library mean to a city such as Natchez? Would anything really be different if it didn’t exist? Of course it would. Last year, the Armstrong Library served over 44,000 patrons with books, periodicals, archives, internet access, children’s services and so much more.

And yet there is a tendency to take the Library for granted. Not every community has a vital, functioning Library with a dedicated director, staff, and Friends group. We are fortunate in Natchez to have such a Library. Libraries need to be loved by the community which they serve.

What does it mean to love your library? A loved Library is a used Library. As a vital part of the community, Libraries provide a place to distribute important information, hold community discussions, celebrate accomplishments of young writers and readers, and host other activities and events. The traditional role of the Library is ever changing. More and more, Libraries are playing an important role in advancing community literacy, lifting everyone’s potential for achievement and advancement. Libraries have taken on an expanded role as resource centers during the current economic downturn, and will continue to provide information and resources as the economy recovers.

As technology has advanced, Libraries have kept pace, offering the latest in technologically assisted services. Libraries have reflected the times we live in, but are prepared to embrace the future in new and expanded roles.

So love your Library! If you have not used your library card in a while, come by to see what’s new. If you’ve been thinking of getting a Library card, come on in! We are your community Library, and we’re here for you.

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