Tuesday, August 4, 2009

We're Designing a New Website

We decided we needed a new website. Our address is www.naw.lib.ms.us. We're most interested in making it user friendly, and we would really appreciate some feedback from our patrons. Please send us an email answering any or all of these questions:

  • If you've never visited our website, please tell us why. We need to understand why people don't use it. Maybe you didn't even know we had a website. Maybe the address is too hard to remember.

  • If you have visited it, why did you come? What were you looking for? We also need to know what people want when they visit, so we can provide it and make it as easy as possible to find.

  • When you visit our website, did you ever have problems finding what you were looking for? It makes sense to us, but it may not to the public. So let us know about any difficulties you experienced.

  • One challenge in designing websites is its organization, which helps people find what they want. Would you organize our site differently? Would you add, delete, or change some of the sections we include? Or maybe you might use different words to describe them.

  • Is there something that you wanted that wasn't on the site? Please make any suggestions for additional information that you would like to see.

  • Of course, feel free to tell us what you like, too. We don't want to change something that's working well.

Our website is meant for the entire community to use - so we need your feedback to make sure it does its job well.

PS. Once we have the new design ready, we'll be needing some guinea pigs to test it out. If you're interested, let us know.


  1. Your new website is definitely useful, especially for a book slave like me. In terms of technicalities, there’s nothing much to say as it is already excellent. From the color palette down to the navigation, I can tell that the website is well-plotted. Good job, guys. =)