Monday, February 8, 2010


Years from now Reference Librarians will be answering 7 February 2010 to questions about when the Who Dat Nation became the most powerful nation in the world. Which got us to thinking about what other questions might arise regarding yesterday's awesome Super Bowl victory by the New Orleans Saints. Here are a few we came up with. Which ones would you add?

How many extra copies of the New Orleans Times Picayune were printed on Monday, February 8, 2010?

Where was the Super Bowl played?
Officially, it's South Florida, but the stadium (Sun Life Stadium) was in Miami. The press headquarters were in nearby Fort Lauderdale.

What did it cost South Florida taxpayers to host the Superbowl?
About $6 million.

How many representatives of the media had credentials?
More than 4,500 members fromm 22 different countries.

Who was the half time entertainment?
The Who - should have been The Who Dat. Younger fans said The What?

What two Saints players had Indiana roots.
Saints quarterback and Super Bowl MVP Drew Brees play college foorball at Purdue, which is in Indiana. Saints cornerback Tracy Porter - who made the game clinching interception and ran back 74 yards for a touchdown - played at the University of Indiana. Ouch!

What did losing quarterback Peyton Manning say to winning quarterback Drew Brees during the midfield handshake after the game?
Nothing. Manning went straight to the locker room without congratulating Brees.

Which Super Bowl records were broken?
Highest completion percentage, career: 82.1 - Drew Brees, Saints
Most completions in a game, both teams: 63 - Saints (32) and Colts (31)
Most field goals 40 and over: 3 - Garrett Hartley, Saints

Which Super Bowl records were tied?
Largest deficit overcome by a winning team: 0 - 10 Saints
Most completions in a game: 32 - Drew Brees, Saints
Most two point conversions in a game: 1 - Lance Moore,
Most first downs passing, game: 32 - Saints and Colts (16 each)
Fewest rushing attempts, game, both teams: 37 - Saints (18) and Colts (19)
Most yards, touchdown drives: 96, Colts
Most completions, game, team: 32 - Saints
Fewest times sacked, game, team: 0 - Colts
Fewest times sacked, game, both teams: 1 - Saints (1) and Colts (o)
Fewest fumbles, game, both teams: 0 Saints vs Colts
Fewest turnovers, game, team: 0 - Saints

What was the most surprising/pivotal/memorable play of the game?
Coach Sean Payton called an onsides kick by punter Thomas Morstead to start the second half - and it succeeded when safety Chris Reis recovered it.

How much were the tickets to the Super Bowl?
That depended on who was selling them, but the cheapest tickets were $1800 and went up to around $5000 for the good seats.

What was the best column prior to the game - according to your blogger?
Dear Miami: Get Ready for the Who Dat Nation coming for  the Superbowl

This will be a work in progress. After all, I have to do some real work today.

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