Monday, March 29, 2010

Opening Day at the Library

As promised, your Library is finally open again - after two hellacious weeks. Unfortunately, not all the sections are ready to be used.

Upstairs, the Meeting Room, hallway, and foyer are ready, so AARP can do taxes here this week. The US Census Bureau is also using the room to give tests to potential employees. The Children's Section is also ready for the little ones, and we'll have our regular storytimes this week. However, our very popular Genealogy Section is not ready yet and neither is the microfilm.

Downstairs, the Check In/Out  and Information desk are set up. Most of the books in Fiction and Large Print are reshelved and ready for you to browse. Audios and Videos are also ready. The New Books are reshelved. And most importantly, all our downstairs Computers are set up and ready for patrons. The Dr T Memorial Reading Room is usable but the renovations are not complete. Reference and Biographies have not been reshelved, and the Teens Room is still full of books and unavailable.

It may seem like a lot is not ready yet, but we worked seven days a week for the two weeks we were closed and did the best we could. We will try to make the other sections available as soon as possible, but remember that we are working on it while we're open, so it may take a while. Please be patient - we want our Library back to normal as much as you do.

Everybody who has come in today says the Library looks beautiful - and we agree.

Here are the most recent pictures. Click on the arrow to replay the slide show, or click on any picture to go to the online album with captions. (If you're reading this on Facebook, you'll have to go to the original blog to see the pictures.)


  1. At the time I posted this, Picasa was having problems and the pictures could not be seen. If you can't see them, check back later. I'm sure Google will have it fixed shortly.

  2. It's so bright and airy. Tell Patrick that I love his paint job! New signage is great.

  3. I like the signage, too. Wait till you see the ones in the Children's Section - with faces of the cutest kids you've ever seen.