Monday, March 15, 2010

The Renovations Begin

If you came to the Library Saturday, you might have wondered what was going on. Staff was already hard at work packing up. In order to remove the old Gustav damaged carpeting and replace it with new carpeting, everything has to be packed up and moved out of the way. This is a major undertaking, to say the least.

We have 50,000 books to pack and move - and they must be kept in order and labeled, so we can put them back in the right place. Then those very heavy bookcases must be moved. Plus we have tons of electronic equipment to be disconnected and put away - and bunches of desks, tables, and chairs. It's quite overwhelming!

The work began in earnest the minute the Library closed at 1 pm on Saturday and continued all day Sunday. The pictures below show the progress made so far. I'll try to update the blog each day so you can keep up. (I get to stay in my office and do office work, while the others slave away. Aren't I lucky?)

Click on any picture to go to the online album with captions.

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